We make you known!


If your brand has a direct connection with people – at conferences, workshops, trade fairs, sponsored events – or you just want that extra touch on your services you surely need promotional gifts.

With two dacedes of experience our team is able to provide not just great ideas but a reliable production line as well! Your logo will be applied in our own print and embroidery manufactory to T-shirts, hats, flash drives, pens, umbrellas, tumblers just to name a few. Taking it to the next level, we don’t just put your logo on a flash drive, we make a flash drive in the shape of your logo, or anything else that connects to your brand.

Explore our online cathalog with thousands of products or save yourself a ton of time and ask our well prepared colleauges, they are always up to date with the trends and ready to help anytime!

The following technologies are available at the moment: screen-printing, pad printing, embroidery.

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